Creative lighting

”Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.”


Decor - TV-sets

Functional and artistic lighting for every show, live and on tape. We provide LED lighting for TV-sets, fairs, theater productions and concerts. Looking for something unique for your next production? Thanks to our in-house development department and our suppliers, we provide affordable out of the box solutions. At every step, our specialists always work in an efficient and discreet fashion to make your decor complete.

The flexibility with which you can control every LED separately, pixel by pixel, makes our digital LED strips the perfect tool for your video mapping. You can now display beautiful and smooth images on almost any background. In combination with our custom enclosures you can create an infinite number of shapes and colours.

Want to create an elegant and discrete effect or a video mapping with the smallest form factor? We offer a wide range of digital LED strips from 20 pixels/meter to 72 pixel/meter and in all colors: white, warm white RGB and even RGBW. Ask our experts for the best solution to suit your needs.

MNM studio

Custom work - Light signs

We make exclusive signage tailored to your company in accordance with your brand’s identity. Something special for the opening of a new store, for the New Year celebrations or for another occasion?

Together we create unique light designs for every occasion. We take care of all the elements inhouse, from the mechanical parts, the lacquer, the power supplies to the placement of the finished product.

Call us or send us an e-mail for more inspiration.

Light show - Timecode

A show with precision like clockwork.
The perfect show is achieved when light, video, audio and special effects are perfectly synched. The wow-effect can only be reached through complete harmony. Create this harmony and sweep away the audience, let them be fully immersed in your story.
Thanx to our inhouse WYSIWYG studio, our team of light operators are able to create plug-in shows where all the elements are programmed in advance. Every show is custom made according to your budget and the specific needs of the location.


Galabal der industrieel ingenieurs 19

With over 250 of our brand new RGBW pixel LED tubes we where able to create a great effect that fitted the singularity of this spectacular venue.


The minimalist set and lighting design for the award winning play Art by Yasmina Reza was created by Painting With Light’s Director Luc Peumans and designer Jo Segers.We delivered the LED-strips and controllers for the moving decor of this production.

HP fitstaion op ISPO beurs

This exceptional booth was created by Deusjevoo to promote HP Fitstation during the ISPO sports-fair in Munich. We provided 300 floating LED tubes with a total of 6000 RGBW Pixels. Read all about this project