Fixed install

”A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”


We see an emotion as a perfect harmony between all our senses. Finding the right light design starts with a dialog, a conversation during which we listen to you. Our key question is always the same: which emotion do you want to stir and trough which senses? Thanks to our original approach we can create the right atmosphere in literally any room that will allow you to obtain the desired customer experience.

The right light-installation

A beautiful interior or an attractive product should be showcased accordingly. Therefore, we always place the right lamp in the right place, thereby achieving the desired atmosphere, every time.
Because we prefer long-lasting solutions we chose to work with LED-lighting. This technology provides the same warmth as conventional lighting but with 1/10 of the energy consumption.

We provide installations for private venues as well as for commercial venues, including: shops, restaurants, offices, dancehalls and clubs.

Good sound sounds good

Besides the light-installation we also take care of the sound-installation.
In order to create a warm, deep and smooth sound whilst respecting the current standards and regulations we always start with a full acoustic analysis of the venue. We only work with professional brands, for our speakers we chose from the German brand AD-systems and the Belgian brand Audac.
Using a limited array of brands gives us the possibility to guarantee an excellent value for money.

And after the installation?

Our work doesn't end with the installation. We offer outstanding after-sales services. With inter, alia: a 24/7 support and replacement services within the first three months after the installation. After this period, we repair your installation or provide a replacement installation within a delay of 2 working days.
More services will be available soon.


Private project

It is possible to start a party at home.

This project proves it. For a private house in Leuven we had the honour te transform this celar into a real night club.

With more than 30 of our RGBW LED strips, 35 meter digital LED strips, LED spots and 8 bower and Wilkins loudspeaker we where able to create this beautiful atmosphere.

Opvoeden doe je zo

On this program for the Belgian television \"BN'ers\" where ask to raise two children through questions.

We were really happy that Deusjevoo asked us the lit up this beautiful TV set. The result is a true eye candy.

TECside provided the LED tape for the desk's, stages and decoration elements.

Thanks to Deusjevoo , Jim (light design) and Woestijvis (production)

Club 27

Together with DVS Entertainment, we installed the lightning and sound installation for the former Club 27 in Leuven. For the audio we chose AD-systems in combination with Lab Gruppen amplifiers. For the lighting we used a combination LED spots and moving lights with retro looking thugsten armatures. This enabled us to create the loungy and rock and roll requested by the client.